Wedding Decoration Tips

Oct 10

Its great to see all the little details come together when it comes to planning a wedding. Especially be cause there are so many tiny details. One of those details should include personalised wedding banners from our great friends over at This may sound like a lot to consider but in the end it is all worth it to get the perfect wedding day. One thing that makes a wedding so great is the decoration. They are the difference between your wedding being plain and boring or looking like a fairy tale. Here are a few tips to get the perfectly decorated wedding of your dreams.


Don’t underestimate the use of flowers in a wedding. They may be a cliché but they really can lift the spirits of a room.



A colour scheme is the most important part of wedding decorations. Figure out your colour scheme and you can base all the other decorations around your colour scheme. Choosing a colour scheme has to be a careful decision as you don’t want your colours to be too distracting but they need to compliment you and your



Though most weddings take place in the day the wedding reception takes place at night so it makes sense to have lighting. But you can’t just buy a plain bulb and hope for the best. Look for mood lighting from companies like DPL production lighting and your wedding will look like a lit up scene to remember. Also, make sure your Marquee lighting is safe!Wedding Lights


A theme can be an important part of a wedding. It creates an air of excitement, as it is not traditional. A theme can interest even the unhappiest of guests and encourage them to participate in the wedding. A theme can be whatever you like so if you are particularly passionate about something then go ahead and indulge.a8c2efdf46ee8933ca9ffc8d8614f4ff


Recently it has become more popular to avoid the traditional wedding. Props are a great way to do that. You should try to link your props to the theme of your wedding. For example if your wedding is fairy tale themed perhaps have tiaras for your female guests. You can also include entertainment with props by hiring an OMG photo booth.03-300x225




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