Reasons You Should Go For White Gold Wedding Rings

Feb 12

Gold-Wedding-Rings-1920x1200When you talk about weddings the next thing that crosses your mind is a wedding ring. Wedding rings are used as a part of the marriage ritual. In the past generations, the yellow gold wedding rings were much favoured. Remember a wedding ring is something that will keep the memories the rest of your life. And therefore you don’t just go for any ring but the best ring, because it’s something that you are going to wear and cherish the rest of your life. The main factors people consider while choosing materials to use are the design and the cost of the ring.

Currently,  Orla James 9 carat white gold wedding rings have gained popularity. At the end of this article, you will be sure enough to know why you should choose the white gold wedding ring. The white gold ring is an alloy that is made of gold and other metals like copper, silver, nickel and palladium. Palladium has proven to be the best metal among the rest since it balances the softness of the gold perfectly. And still it doesn’t have the allergic effect as some metals do. Palladium is also stronger, and the best quality of white gold available in most cases is of 17 carats made of palladium alloy and gold.

The following are some of the reasons you should go for a white gold wedding ring to make your wedding colourful and also give your partner great memories whenever he or she looks at the ring;

  • White gold is stronger compared to the platinum gold ring, whereby platinum prongs break more easily in comparison to those made of white gold.
  • They come in different design and styles and are readily available, and you are therefore guaranteed to find one of your choice. Working hand in hand with the best-experienced jewelry designers you will be assured to get the exact product you want.
  • The white gold wedding rings are also unique and attractive. They are easily engraved with personal messages of love or names.
  • Despite having the same identical settings and design, white gold rings are cheaper compared to other gold rings such as platinum. And for this reason, many couples opt to go for a white gold ring.
  • White gold rings are beautiful and shiny, and they stay brighter for a very long time compared to yellow gold rings.
  • Some people don’t like pieces of jewelry that are heavy. Palladium is lighter and, therefore, favourable too since wedding rings are worn all the time.

Having known the above benefits, it’s important to know that ultimately choosing a ring complies with the taste of different individuals. Some love them bulky, lighter and with artistic designs.

It’s a good idea to visit your nearest Jewellery Shop to find out the latest models and the cost of the rings too. These will give you exposure to various options to choose. You can also use the internet as an alternative. Remember it’s not a must for the bride and bridegroom to choose the same design. Take your time before choosing the best wedding ring, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.


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