Wedding Reception Tips: Wedding DJ Or Band?

Nov 02

wedding-6Weddings are a big event by anyone’s standards. They are not just a celebration of a couple starting there new lives together but it is a way to bring two family’s together and to get to know one another. That is why perhaps the most important part of a wedding day is the wedding reception. A wedding reception typically consists of a sit down dinner or a buffet, a bar packed full of alcohol and Co2 Gas cylinders and some sort of entertainment. Speaking of bars, if the venue you have hired doesn’t have a bar etc check out Need a Bar a bare hire in essex company, you won’t regret it. There are two types of entertainment that are typical at wedding but the question is which one do you pick? A wedding DJ or a wedding band.

If want a more traditional wedding then I would suggest choosing a wedding band. Wedding bands are great if you love live renditions of music, add to this that you can personally request a setlist before hand and the band can play yours and your partner’s favourite song. The best thing about choosing a wedding band is that everyone will get up dancing, but not so much modern dancing which seems to consist of people bobbing there heads. Instead you’ll have each and every guest swinging and jiving around your wedding venue. A wedding band will help to create a friendly

A wedding DJ is great if you like more modern music. With a wedding DJ from here there will be no gaps in music. Which means your guests can just continue to dance and have fun at their will. A wedding DJ not only just manages the music but also interacts with the guests and helps to create an amazing atmosphere. Additionally you can choose the song you’d like to play, that includes the guilty pleasure songs that people love to hate. With a wedding DJ there is less equipment to set up which will mean less stress for you on your wedding day, add to this the fact that the DJ needs minimal help to set up and you can focus solely on enjoying yourself.b14d73a7-2496-4f7a-bd34-eed5a8bca212


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Types Of Magicians For Your Wedding Day

Oct 04

Close Up Magician

People are more familiar with this type of magician as the “card tricks magician” since it’s their typical prop to show off their tricks. But they also perform with other objects that are available depending on the situation. These magicians may seem like passé because we’ve all seen card tricks before right? But you’d be surprised how they can really get to people. People watching them usually end up wondering with their mouths open and almost a dozen

Table Magician

If you’re having your wedding reception in a restaurant setting, then it would great to hire a table magician. Expect him to go from one table to another to entertain your guests in between the courses of their meals. Though each table may consist 3 to 4 guests, make sure you look for a wedding magician who’s just as good when it comes to a larger crowd by watching as much of his videos as you can. Because he may be good with his tricks but not so much in terms of entertaining people.Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 15.27.08

Mix And Mingle Magician

These magicians will, as the name suggests, mix and mingle with your guests during those moments where it tends to be dull like waiting for the food or having drinks. The advantage of having a mix and mingle wedding magician or street magician as they’re commonly called, is that your guests gets to socialise with the guy, ask questions about magic, unlike with those who will perform on a stage where people only watch.c_dynamo_series2_master_922DD7AE-A25E-FB47-71873BA132623525


If you’re having a really big wedding, this easily translates to a lot of guests, better for you to book an illusionist. Wedding magicians like these are more trained to perform in front of large crowd while doing elaborate tricks like making a person disappear or float, putting a person in a box and cutting him into pieces then putting him back.m21-1

Psychological Magician

You know them; some know them as a mind reader, while others prefer to call them mentalists. Unlike illusionists who need a lot of props, psychological magicians just need their skills and your guests to participate. They seem to be able to see through what you’re thinking though they’re simply tricking your mind and using some techniques to make it seem that they way.SNF08BBD-682_1323987a


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